Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Is Tate Publishing a Vanity Press, Self-Publisher, or Print-On-Demand Publisher?

We are frequently asked this question by bookstores, distributors, and even our own authors. What is Tate Publishing - a vanity press? A POD? A self-publisher?

Tate Publishing is not a vanity press, a print-on-demand publisher, or a self-publishing company. Vanity presses, PODs, and self-publishing companies will print any manuscript for a fee. At Tate Publishing, we accept and publish fewer than 4 percent of the manuscripts submitted to us each year. Once we accept a manuscript, it undergoes a strict process of editing, layout and graphic design, and every Tate author has creative input on their book, making sure it becomes all they dreamed it would be. Each of our titles is distributed by Ingram/Spring Arbor, the largest book wholesaler and distributor in the United States. In fact, Tate Publishing is now among the top 15 best-selling publishers distributed by Ingram/Spring Arbor.

Tate Publishing is a main-line, royalty-paying publisher. Our books are 100% returnable, meaning they are available to all major bookstores in the industry. This is not the case with most self-publishers, vanity presses, or POD companies.

But the #1 thing that sets us apart from all other publishers is our marketing. Our authors and titles have been featured by media outlets such as The Boston Globe, ABC's Nightline, USA Today, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Lifetime Television Networks, NBC-Chicago, The History Channel, The 700 Club, and ABC's Good Morning America, as well as numerous nationally-syndicated radio and television programs. We have also had a number of authors reach Top 5 status on Amazon, the world's largest bookseller.

In addition, we partner with Key Marketing to schedule between 350 and 450 events every single month so that Tate Publishing authors have the visibility and opportunity to succeed in this crowded marketplace. And best of all, unlike most publishers, we will market books far beyond the normal window of 3-6 months. We are seeing staggering success for many Tate authors that released books 2 or 3 years ago, and they have shown the tenacity that it takes to team with us and fight long-term for their success.

Tate Publishing works with a number of different chains, buyers, and bookstores around the country, including Barnes & Noble, Borders, Hastings, Waldenbooks, and and others, and we schedule many events outside the bookstore to gain even more visibility for our fine authors. (You can view our current schedule of events at http://www.tatepublishing.com/calendar.php.)

So what are we? We are a hybrid. We are a mainline, royalty-paying publisher, paying the highest royaly percentages in the publishing industry. We offer the hands-on opportunity for authors to approve their work every step of the way, and we provide a partnership model from start to finish that is second-to-none and provides the very best opportunity available for new authors.

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Phil Okun said...

As a first time Tate author I must agree. The process was professional, supportive and created great comfort throughout the entire process. My book "Make Money on Main Stree" has just been printed and is in the marketing phase. With Tate's help i look forward to its success.--Phil Okun